How do you decide on what look fits your wedding for the cake?

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February 16, 2017

How do you decide on what look fits your wedding for the cake?

There are several different categories of wedding cakes, all of which wedding cakes   Catering Online can provide.

You should take into consideration what type of wedding cake best suits your needs based on the type of wedding you are going to have, and then consider wedding Catering Online . The style of wedding cakes that will be explored here are: traditional, modern, minimal, and ornate.

Traditional wedding cakes by wedding Catering San Diego are for the bride who wants to have a cake that looks standard, usually buttercream.

Traditional cakes generally are round, have two to five or more layers–depending upon how many people are being provided for–and are very close to white. No cakes are exactly completely “”white.”” However, the shade of the cake can be approximated to white as much as possible. Traditional cakes do not have many frills. Usually the elements on a traditional cake are some basic white flowers and are not frought with many elaborate decorates. Traditional cakes are suitable for brides who are more traditional in nature and are having a relatively old-fashioned style wedding.

Modern cakes are usually made with fondant, and can be roundish in appearance–although today’s modern cakes’ layers usually take the shape of squares that are placed one on top of another. These concentric squares have a very clean look. Wedding  Catering Online will make modern cakes look very elegant and professional. Modern cake styles can have a variety of colors, but the main appeal of a modern cake is the shape. Modern cake styles are appropriate for a beach wedding, or any type of wedding that is a bit uncharacteristic from the usual format.

Minimalist cakes are usually square-ish in appearance with little to no decoration, whereas modern cakes usually have some type of decoration on them. Minimalist cakes would probably be suitable for a bride who likes industrial, clean design.

Ornate cakes usually have more elaborate designs on them, such as leaves, fleur de lis, or flowers that accentuate the organic beauty of the cake. Ornate cakes usually are covered with fondant and can come in a variety of colors. The design is primarily what attracts some brides to a more ornate cake. These cakes would probably be suitable for a more trendy wedding.

Wedding cakes Catering Online can make any cake, whatever the style.

You are sure to be pleased with your wedding Catering San Diego. Whether you prefer a traditional cake, a modern cake, a minimalist cake, or an ornate cake, you can find the perfect cake style for you.

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